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As some of you may know, I have been painting for family and friends upon request for some time now. I have been thinking of expanding this project for about two years and I finally gathered the courage to do it (Thank you all you lovely people for so much love and positive feedback.) I absolutely love painting and I paint when I am sad, I paint when I am happy, I paint when I am bored... I paint all the time! So, I thought why don't I try to make a positive impact through my paintings. So, here is how it works: You can either buy a painting I have already done or request me to paint something new...While I am no professional artist (Yay for my Math degree!) and I can't paint everything, the paintings here will kind of give you an idea of what I can do. I also have a fulltime job so these will be done in my free time at my own pace, although it doesn't take me too long to finish one painting.
​All the proceeds I get from these paintings, after costs of supplies will go towards a cancer charity in Sri Lanka. If any of you want to be a part of this project and would like me to paint something for you, please let me know. This particular cause is very personal and close to my heart. To help those who are affected by cancer is something I have always wanted to do. 

​Painting for a cause ​​- Personal Charity towards the Cancer Hospital, Colombo, Sri Lanka 

Nishika Kanchani Mampitiya

My story and why this is important to me.

Everyone who has requested a painting from me knows that I am really bad at suggesting a price. My paintings are like my babies! Also, I don't feel comfortable and professional enough to ask for a certain amount, specially from my friends and family. So, what usually happens is that I tell them the cost for the canvas, paint (maybe Crayola) and anything extra they decide to give me will be donated towards the charity. I have noticed from experience, for an example, a big 2x3 feet painting will cost about 30 - 45 dollars depending on what supplies I use. So, we can discuss how much the cost will be and come up with a price. Any contribution big or small is appreciated. My most favourite part about this is to be able to paint something personal and important to you. So we can talk about the colours, wall space, the story behind what you want and hopefully come up with something beautiful.

The proceeds will go to Colombo Cancer hospital, Sri Lanka or something related to Cancer in Sri Lanka. (Will post exact information soon.) My mom, who lives there, will make sure that the donations are going to the right place. I can also personally donate some of it when I visit every December. All details and pictures will be uploaded to this page for all of you to see.

Well, let's start from the beginning. I used to paint a lot growing up and even studied art as a subject for O/Ls. (These are like OWLs in Harry Potter, for my Canadian friends!) Then my painting took a long 5-6 year pause. Why? I don't know. Life happened; school happened. Then on one gloomy, miserable day about 2 years ago, I thought to myself, you know what, I should stop everything and go buy a canvas and some acrylics. That's where it all started again. I painted one painting, then another, and another..I painted for my family friends as birthday presents. Then, I got the opportunity to display my art at Oh So Good Desserts & Coffee House in Ottawa, where I sold a few paintings to strangers. Well, the rest is history. I am no professional artist, I get my inspiration from what I feel, what I read, the conversations I have with people and sometimes even what I watch on TV! There is so much more to learn and grow and I am not 100% sure where this journey would take me, or even if I will have a future in painting at all. However, so many people have been so encouraging and wanting me to paint for them, which helps me keep going. So, let's see how things go. Baby steps. :
Why for Cancer? Well, why not for cancer. The story is very personal and important to me. The top picture is of my grandma (Nanda Ekanayake) who passed away from Lung Cancer in 1993. The second picture is of my grandma's sister (Wimala Dassanayake) who was like a grandma to me since then, also succumbed to liver cancer in 2006. I saw two of the most important people in my life fight this brutal disease and lose.There are other family members, friends, friends' parents and many other people all around the world who have battled and won, have battled and lost and continue to battle this disease. So, this is just my small contribution for everyone who is affected by it.